How can I reduce my tax bill?
A tax bill can be reduced if an exemption is granted or if the assessed value is abated.

A tax exemption is a discharge from the obligation to pay all or part of a real estate tax. State law determines exemption amounts and eligibility requirements. In addition, the Massachusetts General Laws contains several statues which provide for personal exemptions from real property tax bills. Exemptions are available for certain disabled veterans, the blind, disabled persons, qualifying elderly, indigent individuals, and the spouse or minor children of police or fire fighters killed in the line of duty. Additional restrictions and eligibility requirements may be applicable. All taxpayers are encouraged to contact the Assessors Department for clarification or assistance.

An abatement may be issued if you believe there are factual errors in the data pertaining to your property, or you believe that comparable sale properties are assessed substantially less (ten percent) than your property. A taxpayer can only seek an abatement from the time the first bills are mailed in November, until these bills are due to be paid (or 30 days from the date of issue).

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