What are the assessor's responsibilities?
- Classify and determine "full and fair cash value" of all real and personal property according to Massachusetts General Law (Chapter 59).
- Review and act upon all real and personal property abatement applications.
- Process all motor vehicle abatement requests.
- Review and process all Statutory Exemption applications.
- Review all applications for accuracy regarding tax incentives for land used for recreational, forestry or agricultural purposes.
- According to Department of Revenue mass appraisal standards, implement a revaluation of the Town's real and personal property, every three years. Assessors are responsible for appraisal and assessment of all residential, commercial, and personal property in the community. Property is appraised at 100% of its fair market value.

The Assessors must discover and list all taxable property, maintaining accurate ownership and property information. As such, records indicating changes in ownership, deed transfers, and property improvements are sought from a variety of sources including the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds and the town's Building and Inspectional Services Departments. The motor vehicle excise tax program is also administered by the Assessors Department.

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