Town Council 

Town Council's Vision for Bridgewater

By the year 2035, Bridgewater will have established itself as the region’s most accessible and desirable hub of culture, commerce, education, and open space recreation with a thriving downtown area, a breadth of housing choices, sustainable infrastructure, green initiatives and a connected network of scenic outdoor recreation options, all of which preserve our quaint small-town aesthetic and highlight our historic heritage and charm.  

This will be supported by a best-in-class town government that prioritizes sound fiscal management, fast and reliable municipal services, community engagement and inclusivity, and economic prosperity to create better everyday lives for all generations and cultures. 

Councilor Information:
Shawn George
Precinct 3
(Term Expires 2023)
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Matthew Rushton
(Term Expires 2022)
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Erik Moore
Vice President
Precinct 1
(Term Expires 2024)
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Kevin Perry 
Precinct 2
(Term Expires 2024)
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Fred Chase
(Term Expires 2022)
Email Councilor Chase
Peter Colombotos
Precinct 5
(Term Expires 2023)
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William Wood
Precinct 6
(Term Expires 2023)
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Frank Sousa
Precinct 7
(Term Expires 2022)
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Dennis Gallagher 

(Term Expires 2024) 
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