Board of Registrars

The Board of Registrars hold voter registration sessions, certify the signatures on nomination papers and petitions, hold hearings and decide disputes over signatures on nomination papers, prepare an annual list of persons, and all other duties as cited in MGL Chapter 51. The Board of Registrars is a regulatory and ministerial committee of the Town.

The Board of Registrars of Voters consists of the Town Clerk and three other persons. Members of the Board shall be appointed so that they represent the two leading political parties, and in no case shall an appointment be made as to cause the Board to have more than two members, including the Town Clerk, of the same political party. Every such appointment shall be made from a list to be submitted by the Town committee of the political party from the members of which the position is to be filled, containing the names of three enrolled members of such party resident in the Town, selected by a majority vote at a duly called meeting of such committee.  Members shall be appointed in February of each year for a term of three years such that one member is appointed each year.

Board of Registrars Members

Marilee Kenney Hunt, Chair, ex officio (D) 

Christina Porter (R) - 2025

Dr. Frances Jeffries (D) - 2024

Debrann Johnson (R) - 2026