Headworks / Septage Receiving Area

Headworks consists of comminutor, aerated grit removal system, and primary sludge pumps.


A device that cuts and shreds any solids in the wastewater that passes through its screen. All particles passing through the comminutor are cut to 5/16-inch or smaller.

Aerated Grit Removal System

The system consists of positive displacement rotary blowers to supply required air for the air diffusers, screw conveyor, and the grit cyclone classifier.

Grit is removed from the plant influent flow to prevent abnormal wear on plant equipment due to the abrasive nature of the grit particles (such as sand, cinders, wood chips, coffee grounds, etc.). In addition, grit removal prevents the accumulation of these materials in the Primary Clarifiers which would cause a loss of usable tank volume.

Primary Sludge Pumps

Pump the settled sludge from bottom of the Primary Clarifiers to the sludge holding tank.

Septage receiving station at the facility accepts septage from private haulers and stores it until the plant conditions allow this additional waste to be added to the system. Within the tanks there are submersible mixers that prevent the solids from settling while its being pumped.