IT Department

Mission Statement

To provide user, system support and maintenance for all computers and programs needed for everyday operation of town departments. Managing day-to-day computer network operations in multi-locations around town. Assist in computer training for town employees and the courses held for the general public.

Computer User Guidelines

  • Shut computers off when not in use. By leaving your computer on, you are not only wasting power, your computer is susceptible to power hits and damage during electrical storms and power outages.
  • Do not open emails or attachments from strangers. They often contain viruses.
  • Use caution when downloading from the internet, many files contain viruses.
  • Never reveal your passwords to anyone.
  • Always when away from you computer log out or lock you workstation.
  • Store files on network drive when ever possible. The Network drive is backed up frequently so if your computer crashed your file can be restored.
  • Keep the "Recycle Bin" on your desktop empty to free up disk space.
  • Delete Temporary internet Files and Cookies to free up disk space. It can be found in Tools -> Internet Options in the File menu of internet Explorer.

Recent Completed Projects

Town Public Wi-Fi

With funds from the C.A.R.E.S Act we have updated and expanded the Wi-Fi available for the Bridgewater community. Now members and visitors of Bridgewater can enjoy free public access Wi-Fi in the main common areas of Bridgewater.

  • Academy Building
  • Library
  • Senior Center
  • Town Square
  • Music Alley

Internet Infrastructure Upgrade

We have upgraded our internet capabilities by making the jump to fiber optic, running fiber cable to connect many of our further reaching services. This is a huge improvement for many of the town’s services such as the Fire and Police departments.

iPad Loan Program

Working with the Bridgewater Library and Senior Center, we have purchased, configured, and deployed a set of iPad tablets. The Bridgewater community will be able to loan an iPad from the Library or Senior Center for computer needs.