COVID-19 Reported Cases

Reported COVID-19 Cases

Bridgewater: 0

Last updated 04/26/2023


This number reflects positive cases reported to the Bridgewater Health Department by MDPH. This number does not reflect those who have tested positive, but have now recovered. The Bridgewater Health Department is in contact with those who have tested positive for COVID-19, as well as anyone who is a reported suspected contact within Bridgewater and is on self-quarantine. In order to protect the resident’s medical privacy rights, no additional information can or will be disclosed by the Town.

Numbers provided recently by DPH to news outlets are a combination of all positive case combined from the Town of Bridgewater and the Bridgewater Correctional Complex from day 1 up to date. Those numbers still include those who have recovered or have already been released off Quarantine or Isolation

Bridgewater was marked with an asterisk on the color change map on the DPH website due to BSU and Bridgewater Correctional Complex positive cases being added into total numbers which would designate Bridgewater at higher rates. 

To date: Since March 2020 we have had 2503cases released off Quarantine.

The Bridgewater Health Department continues to follow MDPH and CDC guidance for patient surveillance and investigation.

Social distancing is strongly advised and please remember to use proper personal hygiene, especially hand washing.

If you think you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, call your physician or other healthcare provider ASAP.

Vaccine Information: