Housing Partnership Committee

The Housing Partnership Committee facilitates the coordination of the factors that affect equal access to housing and issues relating to the development of affordable housing. The Committee seeks to implement the Town's policy statement and program for fair housing, and the promotion of equal choice and access to housing for all people as is outlined in the Commonwealth’s Fair Housing Guidelines, 301 CMR § 50.19.  The Committee also provides advice to the Town Manager regarding the Town’s policies and programs for meeting its requirements for subsidized housing under MGL c. 40B. The Housing Partnership Committee reviews all Local Initiative Program (LIP) applications and recommends to the Town Manager either acceptance or denial of LIP applications.  The Housing Partnership Committee is an advisory committee of the Town.

The Housing Partnership Committee is composed of five members, two whom shall be appointed by the Town Manager, one member appointed by the Affordable Housing Trust from among its members, one member appointed by the Water and Sewer Board from among its members, and one member appointed by the Planning Board from among its members.