Boards, Committees & Commissions

  1. Agricultural Commission

    The Agricultural Commission is a three member board, the commission shall develop a work plan to guide its activities which include, but are not limited, to the following: shall serve as facilitators for encouraging the pursuit of agriculture in Bridgewater

  2. Affordable Housing Trust

    The Affordable Housing Trust shall provide for the creation and preservation of affordable housing for the benefit of low and moderate income households.

  3. Board of Assessors

    The Bridgewater Board of Assessors consist of three members. Under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapters fifty-eight to sixty-five C, the Board of Assessors fall under the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Revenue who may revise rules, regulations, and guidelines, as deemed necessary to establish minimum standards of assessment performance.

  4. Board of Health

    The Bridgewater Board of Health is charged with the responsibility of providing the Town of Bridgewater with public health protection by developing, implementing and enforcing health policies.

  5. Board of Registrars

    The Town of Bridgewater's Board of Registrars consists of a 4 members appointed by the Town Council on recommendation from the local Town Committees, the Board must consist of equal representation in both political parties (2 from the Republican Party and 2 from the Democratic Party). Each member of the Board is appointed for a 3-year term.

  6. Cable Advisory Committee

    The Cable Advisory Committee consist of a three member committee that advises the Town Manager on matters relating to the licensing and supervision of a contract for cable television services in the Town consistent with MGL Chapter 166A.

  7. Charter Review Committee

    The Bridgewater Town Charter calls for periodic reviews of the Town’s governing document. It provides Periodic Review - Not later than the first day of July, at 6-year intervals, the Town Council shall provide for a review and propose revisions to the Town Charter. The review shall be conducted by a special committee to consist of 7 residents of the town appointed by the Council President with the approval of the Town Council. The committee shall file a report within the year recommending any changes in the charter which it may deem to be necessary or desirable, unless an extension is granted by vote of the town council.

  8. Citizen's Advisory Committee

    The Citizens Advisory Committee was created by the Charter under Section 4-3, Power of Appointment Subsection (b) that states in part, “The town manager shall form a citizen’s advisory committee to help in evaluating and selecting those individuals for appointment.

  9. Community Preservation Comittee

    The Community Preservation Committee shall make recommendations to the Town Council for the acquisition, creation and preservation of open space; for the acquisition, preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of historic resources; for the acquisition, creation and preservation of land for recreational use; for the creation, preservation and support of community housing; and for the rehabilitation or restoration of open space, land for recreational use and community housing that is reacquired or created as provided in MGL c.44B.

  10. Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission deals with lands 100 feet bordering vegetated wetlands, 100 feet of bank of a stream, water course or interment and Bordering land subject to flooding defined by elevations of 100 year storm.

  11. Conant Trust Fund Commission

    The Conant Trusts Fund Committee was formed for the purpose of administering funds held under an Indentures of Trust, dated June 4, 1925 as amended, between William H. Conant with Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company, and a certain trust established under the will of William A. Conant dated December 31, 1937.

  12. Cultural Council

    The Cultural Council decides the distribution of arts lottery funds or other funds that may be available to it and may also conduct other activities to promote and encourage the arts, humanities, or interpretive sciences.

  13. Disability Commission

  14. Elder Affairs Commission

    The purpose of the Elder Affairs Commission is to advocate for the needs of the elderly people residing in the Town of Bridgewater.

  15. Energy Committee

    The Energy Committee consists of three members and is charged with advising town officials on energy conservation efforts throughout the Town’s physical plant, including but not limited to all municipal and school buildings, street lights, vehicles, and equipment.

  16. Financial Committee

    As defined in the Town Charter, the Financial Committee provides financial advice to the Town Manager and the Town Council on the yearly operating budget for all Town agencies, which includes the Regional School budget as adopted by the School Committee.

  17. Historic District Commission

    The Historic District Committee seeks to promote the educational, cultural, economic, aesthetic and literary significance through the preservation and protection of buildings, settings and places within the boundaries of the district and through the development and maintenance of appropriate settings and the exterior appearance of such buildings and places, so as to preserve and maintain the district as a contemporary landmark compatible with the historic, cultural, literary and aesthetic tradition of Bridgewater, as it existed in the early days of the Town.

  18. Historical Commission

    The purpose of the Historical Commission is to preserve, protect, and develop the historical and archaeological assets of the Town.

  19. Housing Authority

    A link to the Bridgewater Housing Authority's website.

  20. Housing Partnership Committee

    The Housing Partnership Committee facilitates the coordination of the factors that affect equal access to housing and issues relating to the development of affordable housing. The Committee seeks to implement the Town's policy statement and program for fair housing, and the promotion of equal choice and access to housing for all people as is outlined in the Commonwealth’s Fair Housing Guidelines, 301 CMR § 50.19.

  21. Master Plan Committee

    The Master Plan Committee is responsible for facilitating the implementation and updating of the Master Plan.

  22. Open Space Committee

    The Open Space Committee advises and otherwise assists the Town Manager on the preservation of open space, and updating the Open Space Plan.

  23. Parks & Recreation Commission

    The Parks and Recreation Commission advises and otherwise assists the Town Manager in the establishment of rules and regulations concerning the use and maintenance of all athletic fields, playgrounds, parks, recreational areas, and golf course.

  24. Planning Board

    The Planning Board is governed by the statutes of the Massachusetts General Laws. Their primary powers and duties fall within the Chap 41 (Subdivision Control Law), however, earlier statutes are also applicable.

  25. Senior Associates Volunteer Experience Committee

    Find out about the goals, eligibility and compensation with the Senior Associates Volunteer Experience.

  26. Transportation Committee

    The Transportation Committee shall make recommendations to the Town Manager on all traffic, pedestrian, and related safety improvements, as well as transportation issues relating to the Brockton Area Transit Authority, the MBTA, taxis, and private buses licensed to use public ways in Bridgewater. The Transportation Committee is an advisory committee of the Town.

  27. Veterans Council

    The Bridgewater Veterans Council is an organization comprised of past and present military members who organize military parades, services, dedications and memorials for the Veterans of Bridgewater.

  28. Water & Sewer Board

    The Water/Sewer Commission is a 3 member board responsible for overseeing all matters related to public water and sewer in the Town of Bridgewater.

  29. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial administrative board that hears and decides zoning related matters pursuant to MGL c. 40A.