Secondary Wastewater Treatment Facility

  1. Administration Building / Lab

    The Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent offices are located in the administration building.

  2. Compost Processing Area

    Here the dewatered cake is mixed with amendments (woodchips and sawdust) and placed into piles inside the composting shed.

  3. Disinfection System Chlorine / Sulfur Dioxide

    Chlorine gas is used to disinfect the treated effluent at the facility.

  4. Headworks / Septage Receiving Area

    Headworks consists of Comminutor, Aerated Grit Removal System, and Primary sludge pumps.

  5. Maintenance Garage

    Find out where this garage is located.

  6. Primary Clarifiers

    There are 2 primary clarifiers. Each clarifier is 40 feet in diameter with a side water depth of 7 feet.

  7. Rotating Biological Contractors

    The rotating biological contactor (RBC) treatment system is a biological treatment process which utilizes a concentrated mass of microorganisms to stabilize organic matter in the wastewater.

  8. Secondary Clarifiers

    There 2 secondary clarifiers. Each clarifier is 48 feet in diameter with a side water depth 10 feet.

  9. Sludge Dewatering Building

    Find out what the basis of operation is for this building.