Mission Statement

The Roadways Department is responsible for the maintenance and improvements to the Town's 120 mile roadway network. This includes streets, sidewalks, road shoulders, and drainage. With a limited amount of funding and rapidly growing populations, it is our mission to find the delicate line of balance between maintaining our existing system and improving it for the future.

This department also oversees the mowing of roadside grass/brush and in cemeteries, road sweeping, the repair of berms and road shoulders and street signage

Please contact this office for drainage problems/installations, flooding problems (road water), patching of potholes, and for the removal of debris and oil in road.

Pavement Management Program

Fall & Winter Announcements


Residents are asked to not rake leaves from their private property into the public roadway or sidewalks. The department will only sweep leaves that fall on the roadside only, not leaf piles that have been raked from private property to the roadside.

Leaves that are raked onto the roadway can clog the street drainage catch basins and cause flooding problems. This creates an extremely dangerous condition for which residents may be held liable.

Pumping water into roadway 
Residents should never pump water into the sidewalk or roadway during Fall/Winter months. It causes a hazardous icing condition which could potentially cause an accident in which residents may be held liable.

Article X. Section 12 of the By-Laws of the Town of Bridgewater:
“No person shall pump water or other liquids onto any sidewalk, street or public way during the months of November to April so as to create a dangerous condition or Town property damage, unless the TOWN COUNCIL grants a permit for an emergency.”

Roadway Obstructions
As winter is upon us, snow storms and icing conditions require the sanding and plowing of public ways by the Highway Department.

In years past this effort during snow storms has caused damage to several plow vehicles and put equipment operators in danger of personal injury when basketball hoops, skateboard ramps, hockey nets, etc. are left in driveways, on the side of roadways, attached to telephone poles, etc.

These hoops and other equipment can create a serious hazard when they become entangled with the mirrors of the plow equipment.

Keeping Bridgewater’s streets treated and in a passable condition during snow and ice conditions is imperative for the safety of all Bridgewater residents.

Please remove any items, portable hoops, hanging baskets, equipment, or signage that might interfere with sanding and plowing activities. 


Permits & Forms

  • Important notices concerning streets, sidewalks and drainage

Street lights